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Long Time Coming

Life has been crazy lately.  I have felt for the last week or so that I was hanging on by a rope.  But every time I felt my hands begin to slip, God knotted the rope around my fists and I could hang on.  It’s been good, but very stressful.  I’ve been so busy I’ve barely had time to breathe, and this weekend, when I finally crashed, I was so exhausted that I felt my body wasn’t so much experiencing sleep as just gulping it down.  But things are more calm now.  I’m on fall break for two weeks, and I have a relaxing Sunday afternoon before me, the first one in several weeks.  I’m lying on the couch, surrounded by books and magazines, a sweet little nap in my immediate future before I make lasagna for dinner.  I should be able to post more often now.  Life is good!

Joe and I went to the UK/WKU game last night in Lexington.  I know it makes me a traitor, but I’m really glad Kentucky won.  I didn’t go to Western for its sports program anyway, and in this family, if I’m going to be a fan of anyone, it better be UK.  It was a fun game to watch!  Hard to believe I actually like football now, but I definitely do. 

The only down side to the game was the absolute morons behind us.  I think I attract these people.  They were foul-mouthed and ignorant, and I felt terrible for the parents with young children around us, because their language belonged in a rated R movie, not a family setting.  At first I was embarrassed, because they were in red, and I thought, Great.  The idiots are from my alma mater.  But as their conversation continued, they revealed that they were in fact–you guessed it–from Louisville.  And once again, all is right with the world.



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I never would have guessed it in a hundred million years, but I really like football.  When Joe and I first started dating, I made fun of him for his slavish devotion to the Kentucky Wildcats.  I was incredulous that his idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon involved sitting in front of a TV with a pizza.  And yet, somehow, slowly, I have been converted.  I realized on Thursday night, when I hurried home from parent-teacher conferences so I could watch the South Carolina game with him, that the SEC has thorougly sucked me in.  There’s still a ton about football I don’t understand, so no way am I going to make a big commentary about it here, but it’s by far my favorite sport to watch and talk about and learn about.  I’d much rather watch UK than anyone else, but any SEC team will do.  So I’m pretty fired up today, after going to Louisville yesterday to watch the Cats beat UofL.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.  Go Cats!


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