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High School Flashbacks

A while ago, I wrote a blog about elementary school memories.  Today, since I have to spend my afternoon grading papers, I have high school on my mind.  Here is a list of some unforgettable high school moments.

1.  The first day of school, riding the waves of students through the crowded halls.  I finally spied an upperclassman I knew from band and suddenly felt at home.

2.  Helping to push that huge couch from room to room during Author’s Banquet so my friend could sit on it while she gave her Emily Dickinson presentation.  I was Jane Austen.  I wore a very flattering bonnet.

3.  A teacher who recited a list of the curse words we were never allowed to say in her class. 

4.  Managing to get over the whole permed-hair craze.  I had some very unfortunate experiences with perms in middle school.

5.  Reading the Christy Miller books again and again and again and sighing with my friends about how our school had no one like Todd.

6.  Staggering off the field at a band practice, nearly passing out, because I had only eaten M&M’s for lunch.  I did things like that frequently–not really eating lunch, I mean.  Because then I could save my lunch money and buy magazines.  Sigh.

7.  My friend sitting behind me in Algebra II, flicking my hair with her pencil and fuming because she couldn’t find any split ends.

8.  Riding in the back of someone’s truck to Amanda’s house after a band practice.  She took a big drink of water and spit it over the side of the truck, only we were going fast and the whole mouthful hit me in the face.

9.  Getting my permit and crying because I’d been too busy reading for the previous 16 years to notice how to get anywhere in my small hometown.  This infuriated my father and he refused to give me any directions, so we drove in circles while I bawled.

10.  And finally–just for you, Marla–the noisy clicking eraser that I used to annoy my friends.  I never said I was cool.



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School days

You really should check out my husband’s blog, since his inspired this post.  (By the way, he brought me pretty jewelry as a back-to-school present today.  He’s pretty great.:) )  He wrote a blog today about his elementary school memories, and with school right around the corner, I’m having some flashbacks too.  So here are some of my Top Elementary School Memories.

1.  Sitting on the carpet in my mom’s kindergarten class, hoping hoping hoping that she wouldn’t separate my best friend and me.

2.  Accidentally walking in on a girl in the bathroom and being reviled by everyone I knew as a creppy perv.

3.  My first boyfriend bringing me candy, which my father ate.

4.  My sister and I dressing identically, hoping people would think we were twins.  (It happened much more often than you might think, based on how now she’s much taller and hotter than I am.)

5.  Walking my little sister across the railroad tracks to her preschool and feeling Grown Up.  Walking back to school by myself, talking to myself right out loud and laughing at how witty I was.

6.  The awesome days when my mom would give me a Lunchable to put in my lunch box.

7.  Hating New Kids on the Block just because they were cool.  But also being jealous of my sister’s super-cool NKOTB sleeping bag. 

8.  Making up insane imaginary games and bossing everyone around as to how they should be played.  Also making up clubs, but only if I could be president.  I had a few control issues.

9.  Writing and illustrating books with my friends, which we planned to sell and become famous authors.

10.  Piling out of the clown car with my family.

11.  Trying very hard to go to sleep at Beta Convention before bad movies came on HBO that I knew would get me in trouble if my parents found out I watched them.

12.  Attending the funeral of my best friend’s nephew, being with her while she touched his tiny hand.


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