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Positivity Day 6: Gilmore Girls

I don’t really like television.  I pretty much never watch it, unless it’s Good Morning America or random shows on the Food Network, and I generally just leave both of those on for background noise.  I don’t have time anymore to plan my life around when something’s going to be on TV, and I don’t have DVR, so I never pay attention to any of it.

But I really love TV shows.  They’re fun and funny, and if you have them on DVD, you can watch an episode in the time that it takes to eat lunch, or walk on the treadmill (haha–like I do that).  So I’ve started collecting seasons of television shows that are good enough that even I have heard of them.  I got a season of Friends for Christmas several years ago, when we lived in Louisville.  I still remember lying on my old couch in the sunny living room a couple of days after Christmas and pressing play on the first disc.  Before the end of the episode, I was hooked.  It began an obsession which spread to my sisters and led us to fanatically collecting all the seasons, playing trivia games, and texting quotes to each other.  The show hadn’t even ended then, but I didn’t watch while it was on TV.  I waited until the tenth season came out on DVD and caught myself up, and then watched all the episodes in order, from the first season to the last.

I’ve done this with other shows too (The Office, Seinfeld, King of the Hill) but none have inspired a Friends-level obsession like Gilmore Girls. I love, love, love the Gilmore Girls. My sister used to watch seasons of it in Asia and insisted I’d love the wordplay of the show.  So last year for Christmas, I got a season and again, was immediately hooked.  The episodes are longer, but when I was up in the night rocking a baby to sleep, that didn’t seem so important.  My daughter and I went through all the seasons in no time, and to this day, she loves the theme song.  No other show relaxes her and helps her drift off to sleep with quite the same level of effectiveness.

Even though Lorelai acts way too much like the daughter for pretty much the duration of the show, I love the mother/daughter relationship, the coffee consumption, the French fry habit, and  yes, the dialogue is absolutely fantastic.  And the love stories make me happy too, especially since I can switch discs to skip over the sad stuff and just get the good parts.  All of which adds up to a supremely satisfying show.  I just wish there were more seasons!


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The Perfect Job

Good Morning, America!  Watching GMA is one of the highlights of every vacation for me.  In fact, I am such a huge nerd about it that I asked my husband to make sure I was awake before he left for work today, to ensure that I got to watch at least an hour of it.  I don’t really watch straight through–being the ultimate multi-tasker, I pretty much don’t do that with any TV show anymore.  I read, write, check e-mail, and, of course, eat cookies through the whole thing, but I love listening to it even when my eyes aren’t on the screen.  And I love GMA because there are always a couple of stories that catch my attention and draw me away from whatever else I am doing while watching.

This morning, one of the things that caught my attention was an interest inventory Robin Roberts did to analyze her personality and predict the other careers she could have had.  Aptitude tests always interest me, because I like having someone tell me about myself.  I know what I think about me, but I tend to be incredibly short-sighted about myself.  I always overlook a lot of possibilites, and usually these tests smack me with some insight about why I behave the way I do.

I realize that’s ironic, because the tests themselves are often very-short sighted.  Of course Robin’s results didn’t tell her she should be a host on GMA, and she’s brilliant at it.  There are too many amazing jobs out there for a test to be able to cover them all, so they tend to stick to generics.  Be a coach, a computer programmer, a chef, a radio announcer.  A teacher.

I’m bothered by the career aptitude tests though, because I dislike the myth that your job defines you, that there’s one perfect job out there that will make you happy forever.  I love my job.  I spend a lot of time and attention on it, and it’s very fulfilling.  But there are many parts of my life that have nothing to do with it, and I find those parts to be extremely satisfying too.  I’m grateful for my job and feel very lucky that I get to do it.  But ultimately, contentment has to come from God.


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