Positivity Day 5: My daughter

Today is a snow day, which means that my daughter and I get to spend the entire day all snuggled up together in the house, watching Elmo and  reading books and playing.  Nothing sounds better to me.  My daughter is one of the most fun people in the entire world.  I love listening to her tiny sweet voice trying out new words, and watching her chubby little face as she stands in the middle of the room, uncertain whether she is going to actually move her feet and walk, or just drop to her knees and resort to her time-honored speedy crawl.  I love the way she cuddles close as we read, her small dimpled hand reaching out to turn the page, and her high-pitched “Again!” when the book is finished.  I never get tired of just looking at her, and I am always amazed that here is this whole little person, whom God entrusted to me.  Everything about her is wonderful, and I can never thank God enough for putting her into our lives.


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