I never would have guessed it in a hundred million years, but I really like football.  When Joe and I first started dating, I made fun of him for his slavish devotion to the Kentucky Wildcats.  I was incredulous that his idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon involved sitting in front of a TV with a pizza.  And yet, somehow, slowly, I have been converted.  I realized on Thursday night, when I hurried home from parent-teacher conferences so I could watch the South Carolina game with him, that the SEC has thorougly sucked me in.  There’s still a ton about football I don’t understand, so no way am I going to make a big commentary about it here, but it’s by far my favorite sport to watch and talk about and learn about.  I’d much rather watch UK than anyone else, but any SEC team will do.  So I’m pretty fired up today, after going to Louisville yesterday to watch the Cats beat UofL.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.  Go Cats!



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2 responses to “GO CATS!

  1. barboo77

    Go Cats???? Hello, go Hilltoppers!!! Go Big Red!!! You and Joe are just filthy traitors!! 😉

  2. juliekay

    Hahaha! I can like them both…when they’re not playing each other! 🙂

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