Reading about vampires

This week I have not written like I usually do.  I have not watered my flowers as often as is normal.  I have not really exercised.  I have not willingly gotten up from the couch, even to go to bed. 

Why?  Because I am obsessed with Stephanie Meyer’s books.  I finished Twilight and tricked Joe into stopping by Target so I could pick up the other three books in the series.  I have been devouring them ever since.  It’s really crazy to me, because I’m not into fantasy literature.  I’ve avoided the books for a long time because the idea of vampires and humans having a relationship was ludicrous to me.  And I have to admit, the books have some of that element.  I’ve been entertaining Joe for the past couple of nights by summarizing whatever part I happen to be reading.  It sounds ridiculous when you say it aloud.  A vampire and a human?  A vampire, human, and a werewolf?  Imprinting on each other?  It’s hilarious.

But the books offer a really tender and passionate love story too, which is probably the main reason that I like them so much.  I’m embarrassed to admit it, because pretty much since I graduated from high school, I have shunned romance novels at all costs.  But these stories are different.  It’s hard to explain the attraction.  This series should be the opposite of everything I like to read.  Instead, I’m already having trouble imagining what on EARTH I’m going to read when I’m going to read when I’m done.



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4 responses to “Reading about vampires

  1. Amy Hilliard

    You’ve got me jived to read it now! I wish I would have read this post before I went to Borders. 🙂 I had $15 in Borders bucks. Oh well….

  2. eljoe1235

    Perhaps the book of spending some time with your husband. Maybe doing some work around the house. Maybe even going outside. Oh, the wonderous things the world offers. 😉

    I’m just kidding. But everything you say IS true.


  3. juliekay

    Despite what Joe would have you believe, they are awesome! You need to read them. 🙂

  4. Amy Hilliard

    You two crack me up! 🙂

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