At the end of a long day…

I’m too tired and busy this week to really write substantial posts, but since it’s been a few days, I’ll give you a quick glimpse of my sleepy mind.  I got five hours of sleep last night.  I jerked awake when my alarm went off, still thinking I was inside the dream I was having where I was at a conference in the world’s most ghetto hotel, and I was worried about the safety of the people I was with.  I didn’t know what that means–I’m never very good at interpreting dreams–but I did know that I needed caffeine fast.

My friends Betty and Melanie, and my college roommate Sarah got me hooked on coffee in college.  Back then, I slept whenever I wanted to and didn’t care if I was up until 4 in the morning, so I drank coffee at all hours of the day and night.  Now, I’m hooked on caffeine and will actually get headaches if I don’t get it in the mornings.  I am annoyed with myself for being addicted to it, but I don’t really care enough to do something about it.  Ever since I got braces (stupid things), I am not supposed to drink coffee.  But I do.  Nothing starts my day off better, particularly when I can go to Starbucks and get my favorite–tall nonfat white mocha with peppermint.  Ahhh.

Drinks are definitely my comfort food.  When I’ve had a rough day, I sit on the couch and drink Diet Cokes until I forget about it.  If it came from Sonic and has a little cherry in it, all the better  My sisters and I celebrate good things with trips to Starbucks.  When it’s too hot for coffee, I like their passion iced tea.  I’ve even got my hubby drinking it.  A little.

Anybody else out there do this?  Have a food or drink that never fails to lift your spirits?



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3 responses to “At the end of a long day…

  1. Teresa

    I’m with you about Sonic… even if something minor happens, like I’m running 5 minutes late.. it’s a bad enough day to treat myself to a Sonic drink. Hahaha.

    Oh and I hope your day back to work was okay! I’m sorry it had to come so soon, but hopefully it was fairly painless. 🙂

  2. juliekay

    Yeah, I never fail to find a reason either. 🙂 And it wasn’t a bad day at all–thanks for asking!

  3. Teresa

    Yes, I thought of you today at Happy Hour buying my limeaide. It was a tragic day, I had to wake up earlier than I wanted. Hahaha!

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