Need good food

As usual, I’m thinking about food.  I just finished my blueberry muffin breakfast and I’m already contemplating lunch and wondering if I can find an excuse to get myself to town this afternoon in time for Sonic’s Happy Hour.  I got hooked on Sonic drinks during the Writing Project, and now that I don’t drive by it every day I feel deprived.

For the past seveal years, I have spent my summers watching the Food Network and cooking a lot.  I had a great time watching Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, Emeril, and Paula Deen, picking up tips, and picking out recipes to try on my very willing husband.  I have even considered cooking as among my favorite activities, which was a surprise to me, since for the first 20 or so years of my life, I would have much rather been reading a book.  My husband says I’m not bad in the kitchen either.  At least, I’ve come a long way from that first year we were married, when my fried chicken ended up half burned and half raw, and the poor guy tried to eat it anyway. 

But not so much this summer.  I just don’t feel motivated.  Maybe it’s because most of my favorite Food Network shows aren’t running as much as they used to.  After she started this new talk show, Rachael Ray quit doing as many of her Food Network shows, like $40 a Day, which I loved.  After she had this baby, Giada seems to have cut way back on her Everyday Italian.  And I guess since I’m not tuning in for those two as much, maybe it just seems like there’s not as much Paula Deen in my life either.  So I don’t have as much inspiration.  Plus, every time I turn on the TV, it seems like there’s another dumb challenge or reality cooking contest on.  It’s annoying.  I don’t need competition on my food TV.  I just need food.

But I miss cooking all the time.  I really do love it–chopping veggies, reading cookbooks for fun, planning meals, tossing indredients while dancing to whatever music is playing (all right, so that part isn’t necessary, but it makes the process much more fun).  I really want to stop eating out so much–although I’ll still be visiting Sonic for Happy Hour, thank you very much.  So if anyone has any good ideas for tasty summer recipes, I am definitely open to the suggestions.



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5 responses to “Need good food

  1. eljoe1235

    I want to go to Sonic for happy hour. Another reason that your summer vacation is unfair to those of us who don’t get that.


  2. Amy Hilliard

    “[he] tried to eat it anyway.”…now that is love. 🙂
    About that $40/day…doesn’t she tip horribly??!! Instead of leaving someone “too much” of a tip she will leave some strange amount like 53 cents. What’s up with that? I guess that is part of how she survives on $40/day when she is traveling.

  3. juliekay

    I know…her tipping is embarrassing. But she found some great restaurants!

  4. April Engler

    I love the same Food TV programs and had thought that was just my imagination that they were not showing them as much anymore. I greatly dislike the competitions and such they show now.

    We went to Paula Deen’s restaurant while in Savannah a few weeks ago. It was great! They put a sprig of mint in each glass of sweet tea. It was surprisingly wonderful, especially if you crush the leaves some with your straw or spoon.

  5. juliekay

    I’m so jealous that you went to Paula Deen’s restaurant! I’m going to do the mint thing when I make some tea later this week. Yum!

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